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Pediatric Dentistry

A pleasant beginning makes for a rewarding child-dentist relationship

For the young child, the first dental visit should be a fun and rewarding experience. To ensure a successful visit, we take special care in how we introduce a youngster to our staff, practice, and services. 

Our steps to a successful first visit
  • We will make your child feel welcome and show him or her around the office.

  • We will perform an oral examination, cleaning, and fluoride treatment. If necessary, x-rays may be requested.

  • We will teach both you and your child how to properly clean and brush their teeth.

  • We will suggest ways to protect your child's oral health through diet and the use of fluorides. 

  • If we see anything that needs to be addressed, we will create a treatment plan and review it with you. 

How you can help your child prepare for their visit
  • Schedule the visit early in the day. Generally, children feel best in the morning and are more cooperative. It is also helpful to avoid scheduling their visit during mealtime or naptime. 

  • Make appointment days easy ones. See that your child is well rested and that we are the first outing of the day. For a higher chance of success, don't schedule other appointments or errands before your dental visit.

  • Tell your child about the visit the day before and talk about it in a positive way.

  • Avoid bribing your child to come to the office, instead treat it like an exciting adventure that will be the highlight of the next day. 

  • Don't worry about giving your child instructions on how to behave (ex: don't cry, sit still in the chair, or to be 'good'). Instead, we want to gain your child's trust and allow them to feel relaxed and safe while in our office.

  • Avoid fear-provoking words, such as hurt, drill, pull, needle etc...  Instead, we use special terminology for our tools and procedures to keep younger patients at ease. (ex: whistle = drill and wiggle = pull)

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